Multifamily, Rental Housing

NEW research answering questions about multifamily housing on LI. How many rentals do we have? When and where were they built? How much do they cost? What is projected to be built in the future?


Our economy has potential to be transformed into an innovation powerhouse, will we do it?
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Long Island school districts – among the most segregated in the nation.
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The Long Island Rail Road

A great asset for Long Island in desperate need of expansion.
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The Long Island Index gathers and publishes data on the Long Island region.

The Index does not advocate specific policy. Instead, our goal is to be a catalyst for action, by engaging the community in thinking about our region and our future.
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Indicators are facts that help show how a region is doing, the way the unemployment rate helps show the health of the economy.

Measuring these kinds of data helps communities to identify existing conditions, measure progress toward goals and to mobilize action to improve the region. The Long Island Index has been providing this data for ten years which allows residents, researchers, civic organizations and others to assess our change over time and evaluate our path for future action.

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