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Unconventional wisdom from John Kominicki: OK, not in your backyard. But how about your garage and basement?


Imagine a new kind of housing stock that could accommodate both young professionals and older empty nesters, that was easy to zone, quick and affordable to build and came without appreciable environmental impact. No height or density variances required, thank you, and forget the usual traffic snarls and grousing by the civics. This is living

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Long Island Index Unveils New Interactive Map, Providing Consumers and Policymakers with Easy-to-Access Information on Long Island and its Communities


The Long Island Index, a project of the Rauch Foundation, today launched a new interactive map that enables Long Islanders to access easily an extraordinary array of data about Long Island and its communities. The map โ€“ available at โ€“ provides a wealth of information about the region, its characteristics, and key indicators โ€“

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