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Unconventional Wisdom from John Kominicki


There are, in truth, many cool places to live on Long Island for those who can afford them, and developers are building more, in downtowns, near train stations and along the beach. Patchogue, Wyandanch, Ronkonkoma – one by one, some of the Island’s most ‘burbish backwaters are being transformed into rental meccas.

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Gas Station Reuse

Exterior of Olio Restaurant in Saint Louis, MO.

Where fuel pumps used to stand, diners eat at outdoor tables under twinkling lights in St. Louis, MO; a gleaming modern kitchen has replaced an auto-body space in Berlin; and two abandoned stations in Amsterdam now charm passersby with the shifting lights of an LED art installation.

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20-Minute Living


Responsible for such dynamic mixed-use projects as the Brewery Blocks in Portland, Oregon, Gerding Edlen’s philosophy was inspired by, among other things, the town squares of Europe, Denmark’s bicycle culture, the juxtaposition of modern and historic spaces in London, and the sheer beauty of the natural environment that surrounds them daily.

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