Long Island Index Poll: Long Islanders Want More Housing Options


This report reveals the results of the current Long Island Index poll as they relate to public attitudes about housing on Long Island and in nearby suburbs in New Jersey and north of New York City in New York and Connecticut. These results are part of a broader survey, the results of which will be contained in a Long Island Index report to be issued in 2018. The broader survey examines Long Island residents’ ongoing concerns about various facets of local life, including the local economy, the local housing supply and its affordability, the quality and supply of local jobs, local services, transportation, the sense of local community, and the quality of the environment. As a general conclusion, Long Islanders are satisfied with many facets of local life but continue to find Long Island an expensive place to live.Many have difficulty paying their rent or mortgage, say their property taxes are too high, and view the lack of affordable housing and young people or members of their immediate family moving away as a very or extremely serious problem. The current poll also reveals an increase in the number of Long Islanders who say they are likely to move in the next 5 years which is now approaching 6 in 10 local residents.

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