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Want to learn more about your community? Looking for some great historical information about Long Island? Curious to know more about how your neighborhood compares to others in the region?

The Long Island Index offers a variety of interactive maps that can answer these questions and more!

Select from our maps below:

lii-maps-faa25629bd7fec6c5974415df9a85de2Long Island Index Maps

These interactive maps contain a wide array of data from the U.S. census, housing sales reports, school reports cards, land use analyses, among others. New information is being added and updated regularly!

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historic-census-map-5815f007092fed8b2d7b64173b4c7e4dHistoric Census Maps

New interactive maps showing 40 years of demographic transformation across Long Island.

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visualizing-a-block-9b39702b93a1264c8d87e67dbb09602eVisualizing a Changing Region, Block by Block

A birds-eye view of demographic change on LI from 2000-2010, down to the smallest level that the census is able to provide data.

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election-district-finder-1b410dc5b47ee457d0dd673939c15ed9Special District Election Finder

Enter your address to see what special district elections you are eligible to vote in each year.

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MultiMultifamily Housing Maps Including Rentals, Coops and Condos

The map provides the first and only online bird’s-eye-view of multifamily housing across both counties, as well as a wealth of detail within each community and for each individual housing site. The map displays rental and coop/condo locations in an easy-to-use format, enabling Long Islanders to explore any community on the island. Multifamily housing is defined as any building with three or more attached residential units and includes both rentals and owner-occupied buildings such as co-ops and condominiums.