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Unconventional Wisdom from John Kominicki: Attention Jeff Bezos – The Times doesn’t know what it’s talking about!


Amazon is accepting proposals on where it should locate its second corporate headquarters, a mammoth $5 billion office center that, when finished, will be a third larger than the Pentagon and employ 50,000 people in “high-paying” jobs. That would make it Long Island’s largest employer overnight, topping even county government. And Stop & Shop. As

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Long-Running Fight Over Downtown Development Finally Turns a Corner


  Vacancy rates for stores in Farmingdale are down to just 3 percent. There’s a new buzz of activity with family events and after-work concerts all signaling that this downtown is on the rise. It creates an infectious energy that underpins the growing appeal of Long Island’s latest downtown developments. For over a decade I’ve

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Unconventional Wisdom from John Kominicki: There’s a Real Buzz about the Future of Long Island


There’s significant medical news to report, and I’m not just talking about whether you should still floss now that it’s been revealed that the practice actually does nothing to prevent gum disease. (What did we expect? It is, after all, waxed string.) No, I’m talking about incredible research – much of it being performed right

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OP-Ed: Help Young Long Islanders Find Places Here They Can Afford


More than ever, Long Island residents are struggling to pay for housing. Since 1980, the Island has lagged behind regional competitors like Northern New Jersey and the Hudson Valley in residential construction. With comparatively little new housing stock and variety, home prices and rents in Long Island have soared. That has made those other areas more

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Unconventional Wisdom from John Kominicki


There are, in truth, many cool places to live on Long Island for those who can afford them, and developers are building more, in downtowns, near train stations and along the beach. Patchogue, Wyandanch, Ronkonkoma – one by one, some of the Island’s most ‘burbish backwaters are being transformed into rental meccas.

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